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Pufferfish Leather

We take pride in our locally sourced and ethically produced material, upholding the most rigorous standards. Our master tanner boasts decades of industry expertise. Our color palette is deliberately curated, featuring also the original natural grey hue. Should you desire a more customized option, kindly inform us, and we will do our best to fulfill your requests. Since international shipping costs are included in our orders, we kindly request a 3 piece minimum order.

Pufferfish Leather Details

The skin thickness is related to the size of the fish, with larger fish generally having thicker skins. The tanned skins range in thickness from a mean of 0.4 mm (chrome) to 0.85 cm (organic) after tanning. The skin is fibrous and non-woven. Since the skins are thinner, we advise them to be fastened to another type of material for production into products (such as cotton, hemp or leather). Their tensile strength is comparable to that of lamb leathers. They are soft to touch, with tiny spicules remaining on the ventral edges of the skins, where they puff.

Our traditional chrome tanned leather is AZO dye free, very low Chrome 6, great colour fastness, high flexibility, elongation, abrasion resistance and is water resistant.


Species: Lagocephalus sceleratus

Origin: Türkiye

CITES: NO – This is a highly invasive pufferfish species in the Mediterranean that needs controlling. It is not listed on CITES.


Please note that all pufferfish skins contain five natural holes in them from their fins. Each piece is unique in its pattern and coloration.

Our sizes are based on length, with the ranges and means of the widths and inseams provided below.

SizeLength (cm)Width (cm)


1st tier

First quality leathers

2nd tier

Our second-tier leather has a higher percentage of scratches or colour issues, averaging from 10-30% of the skin.

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