The Benefits

Empower, Inspire, Protect!

Your support for our products fuels a host of benefits for the sea, fishers, community, and the economy!

Discover the distinct UN Sustainable Development Goals dedicated to ‘Life Below Wate’r that drive our company’s mission!

14-1: Reduction of a highly toxic marine pest from the sea.

14-2: Allowing native species to rebuild. 

14-4: Improving ecosystem resilience.

14-7: Creation of a new bio-economy: a new fishery, industry and jobs.

14-A: Backed by science: organic tanning research, pufferfish biological & ecological research.

14-B: Empowering small-scale fishers, small-scale fisheries, and the lives of marginalized women.


Climate change is an undeniable and escalating threat. Our environment’s vulnerability and the demand for raw materials loom larger than ever. The world is awakening to nature’s call, embracing sustainability, and amplifying environmental consciousness across all sectors.

Invasive species stand as the primary driver of biodiversity depletion. By managing one of the most detrimental invasive species, we help to facilitate marine ecosystem recovery and simultaneously empower countless livelihoods and empower well-being.

We consciously thread environmental consideration into every production phase. Fish are caught only by hook &  line to ensure zero bycatch. We can source each piece of leather to our small-scale fisher that caught it, empowering those most in need. Organic tanning development using all natural vegetable sources are being improved upon. Small steps within the fashion industry, a notorious polluter, can yield monumental positive impacts.

Our mission is two-fold: we combat the invasive pufferfish while supplying new alternative eco-positive  materials to the fashion industry. These pufferfish wreak havoc on human health, biodiversity, fisheries, and livelihoods. 

We’re dedicated to green initiatives and sustainable materials. This journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future is just starting, and we invite you to be a part of it by supporting our products!

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